Alex Morales - Professional boxer and coach, boxing history enthusiast.

“Great man that knows about the ins and outs of boxing and has a way with words in his articles.”

Charles Baylor - Amateur boxer/MMA fighter, boxing and muy thai instructor.

“If you are a boxer looking for good/great one on one work, very focused and creative critique work, or even focused sparring @ clutchcityboxing is an awesome place to check out. Really dope set up as well, they have everything you need to be successful. The coaches and team there reallt make it feel like a home gym the moment you walk in. Highly recommend, check it out! “

Lorena Casali - Boxing student and enthusiast.

“Walking into a boxing gym for the first time can be intimidating but Coach Lou made me feel right at home. Coach is a great trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He challenges you to work hard and push your limits. Clutch City Boxing is a great place to work out. I go three times a week and I look forward to every training session. Regardless of age or fitness level, come see what it’s all about.”

David (Jon) Fletcher - Owner / operator of Combat Boxing Solutions (Magnolia), boxer trainer, coach, self-defense instructor.

“The one thing I miss about the Army was the comradery, the true brotherhood of knowing no matter how bad things got we had a brother, a fixed point that was ride or die! I am Jon Fletcher and I’m the founder of Combat Boxing Solutions in Magnolia, Texas. A couple of months ago I was calling around to all the boxing gyms within a 30 mile radius asking for help for one of my boxers. If they weren’t rude they just ignored calls and emails for help altogether. So I reached out further to a 50 mile radius and I found Lou at Clutch City Boxing. I did some research and asked around and studied his fighter and finally reached out. He answered in minutes and invited us out for help. That weekend we went on and took that belt in boxing competition and couldn’t have done it without Lou at Clutch City Boxing. His attention to detail, loyalty to the sport, and compassion for the success of his students is undeniably the sole reason why you should choose him for your boxing and fitness needs. Clutch City Boxing will create a ripple in your life that will echo for eternity! So go and be inspired. ” Combat Boxing Solutions

Michael Klekotta - Professional Boxer and boxing history enthusiast.

“Lou is a long time friend of mine who went the extra mile for me to get me ready for a fight a few months back. He gave me a great deal of time and attention leading up to the fight, and even after. I wanna thank Lou and Coach Melvin for their help and support.”

Josue Alejandro Morales - Boxing and MMA practitioner and enthusiast.

“Check Clutch City Boxing out, I recommend them.”

Les Rinehart - Former boxer and boxing enthusiast/historian.

“ is a good page, it’s interesting and factual”.