Houston’s First Professional Boxing World Champion

1968 Olympic gold medal champion, two-time professional world champion,International Boxing Hall of Famer, and everybody’s favorite grill salesman, “Big” George Foreman.

This is a rare autobiography that follows George from his days on the streets in Houston’s Fifth Ward, to regaining the world championship at 46 years old!

Let’s Do It Again

Released: October 11, 2021
Directed: Sidney Poitier
Starring: Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, Calvin Lockhart, John Amos, Julius Harris, Denise Nicholas, Lee Chamberlin, Mel Stewart, Jimmy Walker, Ossie Davis. Guest appearance by George Foreman.
Music by: Curtis Mayfield

Milkman Clyde Williams (Sidney Poitier) and his best friend, Billy Foster (Bill Cosby), are members of a fraternal lodge, The Brothers and Sisters of Shaka, that needs money for the retirement home they sponsor.

Since Clyde has a gift for hypnotism, they decide to fix an upcoming boxing match by hypnotizing the underdog fighter (Jimmie Walker).

The scam works, and the men collect big winnings before a couple of mafia dons realize they’ve been tricked and decide to track Clyde and Billy down.

“They wanna fight easy fights, but then when it comes to the tough fights, they can’t win them because they don’t have the experience.” Melvin Dennis

Melvin Dennis was known as one of the toughest boxers in the world in his time and he is currently one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the world today. Well versed and schooled in the science and art of boxing as well as the business of boxing, Mr. Dennis is a virtual living encyclopedia in the sweet science.

In an exclusive Clutch City Boxing interview, he shared his opinion on the the difference between fighters in his day and most fighters in the current world of boxing.

” The biggest difference is, in boxing nowadays, everybody is trying to jockey for a win for their fighters. They don’t wanna fight the best, they don’t wanna fight ones that are in their league, they wanna fight guys with one leg, one arm. They wanna fight easy fights, but then when it comes to the tough fights, they can’t win them because they don’t have the experience. In my day we didn’t skip over anybody, we fought any and everybody, no matter how good or how bad they were, we fought them, that’s what it was all about.

My trainer and my manager, they had the confidence in me, to put me in any fight. They would come to me and say, “What you think about it?” and I would say, ” I’m ready” and they knew I was ready, so we took em, and we fought em.

A lot of the fights I had I didn’t get the decision, especially overseas. I beat a lot of guys overseas, in different places and other states, I didn’t get the decision but I won the fight”

Crosstown Rivalry Heats Up Between Torres and Evans Before Their March 14 Bout In Channelview, Texas

American Boxing Organization (ABO) Regional Heavyweight Champion, Juan “El Jefe” Torres (5-2-1) will battle Shane Evans (1-0) March 14, 2022 at Herrera’s Tejano Nightclub in Channelview, Texas on the El Tigre Promotions “Tejano Knockout” fight card.

There is some bad blood between the two due to a previous matchup not taking place after both verbally agreed to fight.

Whatever the reasons were for their previous bout not taking place, both men have taken this bout personal and we expect to see fireworks on March 14!


1970 USA Boxing National Golden Glove Champion (Welterweight) 
Texas State Middleweight Champion 1975
World Ranked Top 10 Contender (Middleweight)

Born and raised in Houston, Texas (Fifth Ward), Melvin Dennis represents a breed of boxer that would fight anyone at anytime, who’s talent and skills were equal to the world champions of his time, even if his management and promotion wasn’t.

Since retiring from the ring in 1981, Mr. Dennis has remained a fixture in boxing gyms all around Houston, sharing his vast knowledge of the science and business of boxing with amateur and professional boxers as a coach, corner-man, and advisor.

Melvin Dennis, Houston, Texas: 1970 USA Boxing National Golden Glove Champion (Welterweight). Texas State Middleweight Champion in 1975, and world ranked, top ten contender from 1973 to 1981.

Ryan Garcia Media Workout 1/20/2020

Golden Boy Boxing prospect Ryan Garcia 19-0 with 16 KO’s worked out for the media today at the Westside Boxing Club in Los Angeles, California.

Garcia was in town promoting his February 14, 2022 fight against Francisco Fonseca, which will take place in Anaheim, California and by streamed live by DAZN.