Clutch City Boxing/Martial Arts Classes

Thinking about attending a class but not sure you feel we have something we can offer you that’s worth paying for?

First of all, most people think they are paying for instruction and guidance on how to punch, kick ,defend, block, parry, move, attack etc.

What you are really getting when you are a Clutch City Boxing Club student.

  • A life Coach
  • An encourager
  • A supporter
  • A psychologist
  • A mentor
  • Someone who teaches you to stand up for yourself
  • A friend
  • A problem solver
  • A place to relieve stress
  • Being encouraged to believe in yourself
  • A personal trainer and dietitian
  • Strength, flexibility, weight loss
  • Being taught to work hard and enjoy life
  • Being held accountable for your actions
  • Being encouraged to set goals and reach them
  • Building emotional and mental strength
  • A safe place to train
  • Knowledge, training, opportunity, equipment, coaching
  • Improved health, which is priceless
  • Someone who has spent their entire life in training and learning to assist you.

Still think maybe the price is too high?

Call today at 832-845-1321, or email for more information on prices and available classes.


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