The American Boxing Organization

The American Boxing Organization, (A.B.O.) is an American company based in Illinois, that governs Regional, National, and Intercontinental Title bouts throughout the Americas,(North America, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, The Bahamas, and Puerto Rico).  Founded in 2014, the A.B.O. is an organization that was created with the goal of giving boxers from The United States, as well as all of The Americas an opportunity to compete for titles respective to their skill levels, while inspiring them to greater heights. The organization has made great strides in a few short years, having former and current world champions and contenders holding A.B.O. titles, including Intercontinental Jaguar Champion  Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez and Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade.

Francisco “Paco” Leal of Atzlan Boxing(South Houston) is A.B.O President and The A.B.O. has been very involved in Houston and Texas boxing since it’s inception. A.B.O. Champions currently residing in Texas include; Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez, Chris Faz, Jesse Hernandez, Alex Mojica, Alejandro Del Bosque, Luis Saveedra, and Shamarian Snider.  The A.B.O. has title bouts coming up this weekend in Dallas, and again next month in Pasadena, proving that this is an organization that is doing everything it can to act as advocates for boxers in Houston, and all over Texas.

The organization governs rankings and title bouts on three different levels.  American Regional, American National, and recognized as their highest honor, The Intercontinental Jaguar Champion. I caught up with A.B.O. CEO Juan Curiel and asked him what the significance of the “Jaguar Championship” was and why it was regarded as their highest honor. Curiel explained that the jaguar is the only big cat that is indigenous to The Americas, and with it’s ferocity and strength, it’s a revered animal that is featured in many of the religious beliefs and histories of indigenous American cultures. The black jaguar, (also informally known as a black panther) is particularly revered in indigenous American cultures, believed to be a wholly different type of jaguar by those cultures. To the indigenous American cultures the black jaguar is respected as the most fierce and strong of all jaguars, even holding a godlike status on occasion. The American Boxing Organization Intercontinental Jaguar Championship is the highest honor that can be possibly earned from The A.B.O.  and a “Jaguar Champion” will always be an elite boxer.  The jaguar is at the top of the food chain in the animal world of The Americas, and an Intercontinental Jaguar Champion is at the top of the food chain in boxing.



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  1. Thank you for representing Texas as a governing body for boxing and boxers.

    Please forward me information for officials and the requirements to be a member your fine organization.


    Gary. W Simons
    TDLR- judge & referee
    Since 2009

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