As much as I love to see a person that’s been blessed with God given physical attributes learn how to use those gifts and do so effectively, we must remember to teach young boxers the basics and have them stick to the basics until further notice. Of course every person/fighter is different and one style or way won’t work for everyone, but there are some things that should be taught to every new boxer that walks through the door. Things that will help these boxers learn to and be able to protect themselves, when they don’t have the edge in strength, speed, quickness, power, or intelligence.

Too many coaches get gifted boxers and fall into the trap of letting those boxers compete and really do nothing more than use a couple of punches they may have learned, and whatever gifts that boxer already had when they walked into the gym for the first time. We all like to win and get a kick out of it when someone we have trained is able to use what we have taught and be successful, but we have to remember that at the end of the day the success belongs to the boxer and not the coaches. So let’s take our time and let our boxers learn what they need to before putting them into the ring.

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