Ray Ontiveros

Ray Ontiveros and his Ray’s Boxing Club have been fixtures in the Houston boxing scene for as long as I can remember and he and his club have always been known for manufacturing some of the best boxers in the city. Countless boxers from all over the city have always gravitated to his gyms in the Northside of Houston, from the well known to some many have never heard of but were elite boxers in their own right. He’s probably best known as an Olympic Coach for The 2000 United States Olympic Boxing Team, and Coach of 2000 Olympic Silver Medal Champion Ricardo “Rocky” Juarez.

Ray has coached, trained, and managed many amateur and professional contenders and champions over the years with incredible success and is known worldwide as one of the most knowledgeable boxing minds in the boxing business. There are too many names to mention or remember but a few names include: Joe “Cool” Garcia, Jason Martinez, Daniel Palomo, Pasqual Aranda, Danny Reyes,  Larry O’Shields, Rocky Juarez, Gerardo “Tin Tin” Ibarra, Damazo Tello and many, many more!

Ray is currently working with boxers Julio Sanchez, Juanito Perez, and Jose Garcia. Ray, Juanito, and Julio recently participated in a sparring benefit/celebration in honor of recently deceased Coach Kenny Weldon and Julio and Juanito looked to be in great condition while displaying their elite level boxing skills. Clutch City Boxing, Fighter Nation Boxing and everyone involved with the organization of that event would like to thank Ray, Juanito, and Julio for their kindness and generosity in making that event a successful one!

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  1. Mr. Ontiveros is definitely a staple in the Houston boxing community. Like you stated before primo, the ring in the original location (across the street from Proctor Park) wasn’t too big. Had to earn it over there, not much room to run and hide. Much respect to him and Baby Ray.

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