Houston Golden Gloves Boxing Legends

  Houston Golden Gloves Boxing Legends 

Clutch City Boxing will award a free Clutch City Boxing T-Shirt to the first  person that can identify these two legendary Houston Golden Gloves Boxing  Champions. One of these legends won a total of 1 Novice Division and 3 Open  Division Championships! The other legend won 5 Open Division Championships! 

Both legends have been continuously mentioned among several others that we  will also recognize at a later time, as two of the finest boxers to ever  compete in The Houston Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament.   

To win you must reply directly to the original post at clutchcityboxing.com 

Prize can be mailed to you or you can pick it up at The Grind Boxing Academy  and Fitness Center at 18075 West Little York, Katy, Texas 77449.  

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  1. The one on the left is oscar Treviño do not know the one on the right but it’s an old picture when tank tops and headgear were not mandatory. Good old days!

  2. Since not one answered. This is Oscar Trevino & David Martinez, Jr. in the 1971 Open Division Featherweight Golden Gloves Title Match. Won by David Martinez, Jr. These two were not only (Jr. High & High School) very good Friends, they happen to be on a trail ride together in 1971 and they continue to be very good friends and visit each other very often. This was a close and very tough technical fight. How I remember, I am David Martinez, Jr. giving my input. Oscar’s punch felt like a mule’s kick, ouch !! Thank you all for sharing this photo of two ex-pugilists who love each other like brothers and still communicate often and regularly.

    1. Awesome, thank you for your response! I’ve been seeking out some of the old school guys and your name along with Oscar Trevino’s name come up often when I ask about some of the best boxers from the old days. I’d like to give you and Oscar, Clutch City Boxing T-shirts and would love to meet you guys and talk boxing if possible. I can be contacted at lucky@clutchcityboxing.com or at 832-845-1321. Again thank you for responding and I think it’s awesome that you guys are life-long friends! Sometimes sharing a ring and exchanging blows can bring the toughest guys together as friends right?

      1. You are right Lou. I will be meeting with Oscar next week. He still lives in the Manchester neighborhood. I live in Brazoria County between Alvin and Liverpool on our ranch. I normally go and get him and a few of the other ex-Magnolia Y Boxers who either won the Golden Gloves several times or participated several times. A few weeks ago, I got several of them together and had a dinner for them with our beloved coach, Santos Montemayor and his wife Rosie. I did this for Santos and his wife. He wanted to see as many of the fighters he trained as possible. He is not doing real well and he worries about his fighters and always wants to know how they are doing. We had a great time. I will send you a photo taken of all of us at this dinner. I can sent it on messenger or to your email. I will do this either Sunday or Monday. My email address is david.martinezjr@ccrlt.com. Use it to communicate with me. I will speak with Oscar about meeting with you soon. I am going to save you phone number in my cellular phone. My number is 832-725-5659.
        Have a great evening.
        DMJR <

        1. Awesome thank you soo much sir, I’m looking forward to communicating with you and Oscar. Also did you get a chance to see the short bio I did on Joe Louis Valdez? He was out of the Magnolia Y as well correct? A good friend of mine, Howard Mena told me about Joe Louis Valdez. Howard and his brothers boxed out of the Magnolia Y as well and are very proud of that fact. He spoke very highly of Santos Montemayor as well! We actually had a friendly little back and forth going on because I wrote a short bio on our Northside guy Jesse Valdez and was very proud to do so, being from Northside. Then Howard said, “Wait a minute, how about the Magnolia Y and Coach Santos Montemayor? Coach Montemayor had some killer boxing teams”! So I did the Joe Louis Valdez bio, and now Howard and I are friends again! Haha just kidding we were always friends but you know us Houston barrio boys are proud of our neighborhood boxers and boxing gyms. I had no idea you boxed out of that gym as well! Wow, Howard wasn’t kidding Coach Montemayor developed lots of great talent! Check out the Joe Louis Valdez bio, it’s in the Houston Boxing Legacy category. And thanks again for your response!

          1. Lou,
            Joe Louis Valdez and I were very close and Brothers in Jesus Christ. I was privileged to preached his funeral. He was only a few years older than I. He was the best boxer & KO puncher that came out of the Magnolia Y. He won the Houston GG twice as I remember it. However he was the Lightwelterweigt AAU National Champion in 1968. I had been boxing for two years at the time. I was 14-15 at the time. He inspired me as Santos did. I won the GGs in ‘69-70-71-72. I love the science of self defense particularly boxing. Our family lived in Pecan Park. I traveled 4 to 6 times a week to the Magnolia Y to train. I was a gym rat for many years. I worked out at the Texas Boxing Gym in downtown Houston almost every weekend. I was fortunate to spar with many of the Houston great professionals and many others who came into town to work out in Houston. Are you related to Jesse Arriazola ? He and I went on a few tournaments together. I will be in touch soon.

          2. Wow, I love hearing stories like this, it’s Houston boxing history gold as far as I’m concerned! I’m not sure if Jesse Arriazola and I are related but I’m thinking maybe so since it’s not a very common last name. My father died when I was 8 so I never really had the chance to ask him about much or remember many of his stories. My father boxed out of that same Red Shield Boxing Club that Jesse Valdez started out of, for a while. He got married at 16 years old though so he didn’t box very long. Texas Boxing Gym, was this the same gym Bill Gore trained people out of?

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