We are about a week away from the the Wilder vs Fury rematch and this is a genuine 50/50 fight that promises to be a great one.

Whether you feel that Wilder actually knocked out Fury the first time with Fury given a favorable “long count” , or that Fury boxed well enough that he should have won the match based on rounds won, there is no valid debate that exists that can be made that their first match wasn’t an epic battle between two, great champions. And for this reason, this is a rematch that hardcore boxing enthusiasts as well as casual enthusiasts should be very excited about.

A classic boxer vs puncher match-up that anyone can win because Wilder has the one-punch knockout power as well as underestimated boxing skills, and Fury has the unorthodox but highly effective boxing skills, and the toughness that allowed him to get up after essentially being knocked out, and finish the first fight strong.

Both men have the winner’s mentality that has facilitated their success in the ring and in life, and both are aware of their strengths and weaknesses in the ring. They both are also great at winning boxing matches by utilizing their strengths, while hiding their real, or perceived weaknesses.

Fury was definitely not at his best in the first bout due to his gaining a massive amount of weight and being out of the ring for almost three years, other than a couple of easy, “come back” fights before incredibly deciding he was ready to take on the most feared man in boxing, Deontay Wilder. And as we all know, he was able to box very effectively against Wilder for most of twelve rounds, and likely would have beaten Wilder on points if he hadn’t gotten knocked down and almost out in the late rounds. So a viable argument can be made that a Fury at 100% will be able to box circles around Wilder this time, and there is a good chance this will indeed happen.

On the other hand, a lot of people don’t know this, but Wilder injured his right hand in training for the last bout, and couldn’t spar for a significant portion of training camp. His right hand also may not have been at 100% on fight night either, which possibly could have had an effect on his performance. So an argument can also be made that a Wilder at 100%, with a healthy right hand, will be able to knock out Fury this time, and this also is very likely to happen.

What’s interesting is that a third match has already been agreed upon, so this match-up and trilogy, promises to be one of the great rivalries in boxing history, between two champions in their prime, with the pride and courage to put it all on the line, in order to be known as the best heavyweight of their time.

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