Hooker and Ramirez go toe to toe, and put on a tremendous show in Texas

Maurice “Mighty Mo’ Hooker and Jose Ramirez engaged in an old school boxing style battle last night in Arlington, Texas, that was appreciated by all who attended and watched on DAZN.

Both champions held nothing back and wasted no time in attempting to take control and establish domination over the other in the first round, throwing hard, sharp punches in combination.

The entire bout was fought at a frenzied pace with Ramirez looking to close the distance and work inside, but also doing good work with his jab and footwork to get inside, while Hooker looked to use his longer reach and keep things on the outside, but still doing good work on the inside.

Both landed solid punches throughout the bout that would have stopped most fighters but both would persevere and continue fighting as if they were in a time warp to the classic bouts of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, giving and taking no quarter.

Ramirez did appear to be getting the better of the exchanges in the 4th, and 5th rounds, but Hooker was still dangerous and the fight was still anyone’s to be had. Finally in the the 6th round, Ramirez was able to land a combination ending with a left hook/cross hybrid that badly stunned Hooker.

Ramirez immediately recognized the condition Hooker was in and wasted no time in jumping on Hooker, pinning him on the ropes and landing hard punches from all angles until the referee stopped the fight.

On the undercard:

Tevin Farmer outclassed Guillaume Frenois over 12 rounds.

Tremaine Williams beat Yenifel Vicente over 10 rounds.

Austin “Ammo” Williams stops Jabrandon Harris

Austin “Ammo” Williams, representing Houston, Texas, stopped Jabrandon Harris with a devastating body punch in the first round, raising his record to 3-0 with 3 KO’s.

Joey Dawejko won a 10 round decision over Rodney Hernandez in a bout that appeared to favor Hernandez, although the scorecards did not reflect that.

Yunior “The Cuban Missle” Calzada Fleitas

And Nikita Ababiy won a 6 round, gift decision over Yunier “The Cuban Missile” Calzada Fleitas, in a bout that the “Cuban Missle” seemed to have won by taking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th rounds on our scorecards.

Although Calzada Fleitas did not get the decision he seemed to have earned, he represented Houston, Texas well, and continued the tradition of his coach and cornerman Howard Mena of bringing game fighters who come to win against all odds, to boxing rings around the world, and on it’s biggest stages.

Hooker vs Ramirez a pick em fight tonight in Arlington, Texas

In a somewhat rare event in recent times, a world championship bout tonight appears to be a 50/50 pick em fight that will be contested between the evenly matched, undefeated, Maurice Hooker of Dallas, Texas and Jose Ramirez of Avenal, California.

The Hooker vs Ramirez main event will be contested over 12 rounds for the WBC and WBO super-lightweight championships and will surely be one you don’t want to miss.

The undercard will also feature some teams and fighters representing Houston, Texas. Yunier Calzada, cornered by Howard Mena and Alex Perez out of Mena’s Boxing Club and Austin “Ammo” Williams cornered by Bobby Benton and Dwight Pratchett, out of The Main Street Boxing Gym, in downtown Houston, Texas, will be proudly representing H-Town tonight!

Lopez wins WBO/NABO title and sets his sights on WBO World Champ Sergey Kovalev

On Saturday July 13, 2019, Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez won the WBO/NABO (World Boxing Organization, North American Boxing Organization) Light Heavyweight Championship and retained his ABO (American Boxing Organization) and NBA (National Boxing Association) titles in Conroe, Texas, by beating Alex Theran by 5th round stoppage.

The main event bout was held at The Lone Star Convention Center and was preceded by nine under-card bouts that featured a mix of local and national and international contestants.

In winning his title and becoming the WBO/NABO Light-Heavyweight Champion, Lopez now represents the WBO as it’s National Champion and he’s placed himself into the top 15 in the WBO world rankings.

This is a major step towards his dream of getting a shot at WBO World Champion Sergey Kovalev, and proves he and his business partners Chris Stalder and Felix Ramirez were serious when they spoke of “kicking down doors” to get to the champion and anyone in the top ten of the WBO world rankings.

Under-card winners were as follows:

Chris McCoy over Dontarius Williams, Antonio Williams over Christian Guido, Juan Velasquez over Anthony Smith, Roger Ibarra over Nathaniel Tadd, Ray Talib over Lucas McDonald, Antonio Wattell over Guillermo Martinez, Adrian Pequeno over Timothy Tyler, Ivan Vasquez over Darrell Johns, and Eros Gallegos over Marcelo Molina for the ABO Super-Middleweight Regional Title.

Fighter Profile - Juan Torres

Professional boxing record: 3 wins 2 loses and 1 draw. Pro MMA record 9 wins and 15 loses. From Houston, Texas (Spring Branch) now residing in Huntsville, Texas.

action photo courtesy of mikethetruth.com

A bilingual teacher by day and professional MMA fighter and boxer at all other times, as well as a dedicated parent and family man, Juan Torres is a busy man by anyone’s standards.

He was last seen in the professional boxing ring challenging highly touted Top Rank promoted boxer, Peter Kadiru in June of this year. Kadiru was a decorated amateur star, fighting out of Germany, who is currently being groomed to make a big splash on the world heavyweight boxing scene.

Torres, on the other hand is a mostly self-managed fighter who was brought in on short notice, with no amateur boxing background, a full-time job, and was likely brought in as an easy opponent who would allow Kadiru to add to his highlight reel.

Someone forgot to tell Torres this though, as he came into the bout with no fear and a confident presence that said, ” I belong here and I’m here to win”. Torres unfortunately lost a four round decision, but he gave a good account of himself and had the more experienced German star fighting in a uncharacteristically safety first manner, mostly jabbing and moving around the ring to avoid the power and surprisingly similar skill set of Torres.

Torres admitted he hasn’t always came into his fights in the best of shape or made the best business decisions concerning his MMA and boxing careers, but he is quickly learning what it takes to be successful.

He also feels that his dedicated work with Hit City Boxing’s Mike Hamilton and Fearless Boxing’s Ernest Johnson, is helping boost his learning curve tremendously, as he feels he is absorbing the knowledge and experience of these two great coaches, giving him the best chance of success in the professional boxing arena.

When I asked Torres why he hasn’t gone the safe route in boxing or MMA and pad his record with a few easy wins while he learns on the job, and he stated, ” Well first of all I want to challenge myself at all times and face the best competition possible, so that I can build a fighting legacy to be proud of in the future. Secondly but more importantly, I fight to help support my family in the best way possible, and I feel like I would be cheating the public by asking them to pay to watch me beat up a person that poses no threat to me.”

With this admirable outlook and approach to the game, Torres has quickly earned the respect of his fighting peers and he hopes to be able to do big things in the near future, to keep “H-Town” on the map as a fighting city of champions.

Torres is currently looking towards returning to the ring in October on a local card, then back on a Top Rank show in November, so stay tuned and support him and all your local fighters!