The Night The B Side Forgot He Was Supposed To Lose

The scene was AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, Pacquiao vs Margarito undercard, November 13, 2010.

Manny Pacquiao was at or near his best, and was riding a wave of momentum after beating Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey prior to facing Margarito.

Manny had been looking for the Mayweather fight at the time but wasn’t having any luck in landing the bout, so he and Top Rank decided he would face Margarito at the home of The Dallas Cowboys instead. Bringing the fight to the Dallas area, with it’s large Mexican and Mexican American demographic was a smart move and the stadium would prove to be packed on fight night.

With Pacquiao already leading the resurgence of Filipino boxing, he took it one step further for this fight, and brought along several of his Filipino countrymen to introduce to the worldwide stage in Denis Laurente (38-4-5), Richie Mepranum (22-2-1 ), and Juan Martin Elorde (11-0).

Although Margarito could have still been considered a threat at the time due to his pressure heavy, rugged style and size advantage, this was undoubtedly the Manny Pacquiao and Friends Show, and all of the Filipino fighters were matched accordingly. Manny and company didn’t come to Texas to get tested, they came to pick up wins and look good doing it.

Of the three Filipino boxers on the under-card, Juan Martin Elorde came in with the most hype and possibly most promise.

Undefeated and the grandson of Hall of Famer, Gabriel “Flash” Elorde, Juan Martin was purportedly a national amateur champion in his home country, and had blazed his way to an 11-0 record with 4 knockouts in the pro ranks, fighting exclusively in The Philipines. His bout on the Pacquiao vs Margarito undercard was meant to be his introduction to the boxing public on the world stage as the next big thing to come from The Philipines.

With all the right cards in his hand and the support of main event attraction Manny Pacquiao, Elorde would only have one problem on this night, his opponent Angel Rodriguez, who was living and fighting out of Houston, Texas.

Rodriguez had somewhat of a late start in boxing and only had six amateur bouts before turning professional. Relying mostly on strength, punching power, and grit, since he hadn’t had time to develop his skills before joining the punch for pay ranks, he looked to out fight opponents that had the edge in experience and technique on him.

By his own admission he was “Thrown to the wolves” after his second pro fight, his next seven opponents having records of (5-0), (3-0), (5-0), (5-0-1), (7-0), ( 5-0-2), ( 8-0-1) including Diego Magdeleno and Adrien Broner.

He would then go on to pick up an easy win before challenging another undefeated fighter (10-0) and picking up another loss, bringing his record to 4-4-2 going into the Elorde bout.

Angel Rodriguez (dark trunks) brings the fight to Juan Martin Elorde.

Never one to shy away from a good fight, Rodriguez approached the four round bout with the mindset of giving Elorde a warm welcome to Texas, and a warm welcome he gave, beating Elorde by unanimous decision, against all odds!

Sick of seeing the same old formula of promoter favored fighter picking up an easy win against an opponent that had little to no hope of winning, I personally, especially enjoy an underdog turning the tides on his opponent and the boxing establishment, and banging out a win when he was brought in to lose.

For this reason I decided to tell the story of this fight, and to let Rodriguez tell the story in his own words.

Angel, tell me about the Elorde fight, how were you able to pull the upset?

“Well throughout my career, I always came in as an opponent. That’s what my career was built on, taking on undefeated fighters and exposing them. I only had six amateur fights, and basically I was thrown to the wolves after my second pro fight. “

“As far as the Elorde bout, well my coach came in the gym and said Top Rank was looking for an opponent for an undefeated fighter on the Pacquiao vs Margarito under-card. We looked into the guy and saw that he had an undefeated record, but hadn’t fought anybody worth bragging about, so I said, “Come on with it.”

“Elorde is southpaw so I sparred with nothing but southpaws, and we figured that with my aggressiveness, once I took the fight to him and got inside on him, he would essentially no longer be a southpaw, and at that point I would let my hands go. On the night of the fight I did just that and I was victorious by unanimous decision, all three judges had it going my way. “

“I basically just smothered his ass and I have to admit, the sumbitch was really tough! I was tagging his ass and he just wouldn’t budge, those Filipinos have good chins! All in all I was just the hungrier fighter on that night. The public and the promotion tried to make him out to be a something he wasn’t, a superstar. Well maybe he was in his country but not on this side of the world, and my job that night was to remind him where he was at.”

Jack Johnson Born On March 31

On 31 March 1878, John Arthur ‘Jack’ Johnson, the man who would come to be known as ‘The Galveston Giant’, was born in the Texan coastal town from which his moniker derived.

The third of nine children, quite remarkably, Jack Johnson would rise to the top of the world when the repressive Jim Crow laws were in full swing in the United States. His individual story… an anomaly of a narrative within racially-segregated society that both amazes and shames to this day.

He was the first Afro American world heavyweight boxing champion holding the title from 1908-1915.

His fight in 1910 against James Jeffries was dubbed the “fight of the century” He was the most famous and most notorious African-American on Earth during his era.

Johnson was 60 when he finally hung up his gloves professionally, finishing with a career record of 73 wins, 13 losses and 10 draws. He died as a result of a traffic collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the age of 68. Eight years after his tragic death, in 1954,  Johnson was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

On  October 18th, 1912, Johnson was arrested. He was travelling with the white woman who would become his second wife, Lucille Cameron, the tentative Mann Act – which hadn’t yet passed – levelling that the boxer was “transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes.”

On May 24th 2018, The World Boxing Council was present at the ceremony in the White House, in which the President of United States Donald Trump granted a posthumous pardon to Johnson, who was unjustly condemned and jailed 100 years ago.

The dream of Don José Sulaiman, inspired by the wish of Muhammad Ali, was to return his honor and was finally fulfilled.

Matchroom Boxing COVID-19 Event Schedule Update

In line with the BBBofC and Government guidelines relating to COVID-19, Matchroom Boxing have postponed all events scheduled to be taking place in May, including Dillian Whyte vs. Alexander Povetkin at Manchester Arena on May 2, Lee Selby vs. George Kambosos Jr at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on May 9 and Oleksandr Usyk vs. Derek Chisora at The O2 in London on May 23.

Subject to the developing situation, Whyte’s Interim WBC Heavyweight World Title clash with Povetkin has been rescheduled to Saturday July 4th, while Selby’s IBF Lightweight World Title Final Eliminator against Kambosos Jr has been rescheduled to Saturday July 11th. Tickets will be valid for these rescheduled dates or refunds will be available from your point of purchase.

A new date for Usyk’s blockbuster Heavyweight showdown with Chisora is also being worked on, with tickets remaining valid for the rescheduled date once announced and refunds available from your point of purchase.

The health and safety of the boxers, staff, event contractors and fans involved with our events remains the top priority for Matchroom Boxing and we thank everyone for their understanding. We look forward to bringing world class boxing events back to these shores as soon as it is safe to do so.

Rick Morones: TMB Entertainment/ Team Morones Boxing

San Antonio promoter Rick Morones has been one of the busiest and most consistent boxing personalities in Texas over the last 7 to 8 years, working as a trainer, manager, matchmaker, promoter, and all around advocate for the San Antonio boxing scene and it’s boxers.

A young man with an old school outlook on the sport, he owns and operates TMB Entertainment and Team Morones Boxing Gym, which are his platforms for teaching and promoting the sport of boxing in San Antonio, and also his vocation, as he proudly stated in a telephone interview, boxing is his full time job.

A fan of the sport as much as a participant, he’s put on some great match-ups between fighters similar in skill level and experience including James Cantu vs Jairo Castaneda, who were 10-0 and 9-0 at the time, Kendo Castaneda and Gilbert Venegas, who were 14-0 and 10-0 at the time, and Gilbert Venegas vs Armando Cardenas, who were 9-0 and 9-1 at the time of match-up.

He’s also known for being good about giving anyone a chance to fight/display their skills on his cards regardless of gym affiliation and/or promotional affiliation, which has given a better percentage of local boxers opportunities to get much needed experience and exposure.

Rick you’ve been very consistent in boxing and have been able to support yourself and family through the sport, what do you contribute your success to?

“My only intention for becoming a promoter was to help the young fighters in my stable along with fighters representing the entire city of San Antonio. It was never about money. I didn’t know what kind of money was profitable or not profitable in boxing I just wanted to do something for my personal fighters and the rest of the fighters in our city.”

” I’ve never really had a regular 9-5 job and have given my entire life to the sport of boxing in San Antonio. With 6 children it’s never easy, however I feel the platform and consistency I bring to San Antonio will only make the process faster in making champions. I’ve never cared about the big venues or the bright lights or the money, which I feel I have proved time and time again. I believe the loyalty I have gotten from most of the city of San Antonio, speaks volumes on MORONES character and intentions! I’ve always been big on intentions , yes boxing is a business, but at the same time when you do things right and with honest intentions , god will reward you with favor and success.”

“I also have to give a lot of credit to my wife Bambi. It takes a strong woman to stand behind her man and his decisions. I’ve been with Bambi Lopez Morones for almost seventeen years and she is my backbone. She supports and believes in everything I do, which really helps me to be a better person as well as trainer, manager, and promoter. “

What do you feel sets you apart from many other gyms and promotional companies that have come and gone in the area?

” We do God’s work that’s what we are called to do, if I’m blessed with extra then I’m always gonna make sure I bless someone in need. Money doesn’t define a person, character does and how you treat people.”

” I’m not a promoter with millions or close to that for that matter. However if I do something for someone it comes straight from the heart. I have never once seen in my 34 years in this world someone at a funeral speak on how the person that passed away drove a Ferrari or speak on how big their home was, or how much money they had. They speak on the only thing that matters, their character, the type of person he or she was, and how he or she impacted lives, and that for me is what it’s all about.”

“People will always have something to say you can never make everyone happy no matter how hard you try, but that’s okay, as long as you know in your heart the truth and your intentions, then the only thing that matters is what God says and thinks.”

Rick if you haven’t sufficiently described your intentions thus far, how would you like to describe them?

“Community. TMB Entertainment is a community boxing promotion and Team Morones Boxing is a community boxing gym, here to help educate, serve, and promote The City of San Antonio and it’s boxing scene.”

Morales Stops Opponent With Bodyshot March 14 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Houston boxer Josue “Zurdo de Oro” Morales dropped and stopped Jose Perez Hernandez with a vicious body attack in round 4 of a scheduled 6 rounder, March 14, 2022 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Morales, one of the most underrated fighters in the nation, is the consummate road warrior, always ready to fight anyone and anytime.

Not afraid to face the best competition, often on the “B” side, he’s taken some losses, but he’s held his own or better with most and has never been hurt or knocked out.

Asked in a previous interview why he doesn’t hesitate to face the best when most young fighters are just looking for easy wins at home, he stated,

Because I fight to give myself and my family a better life .”

He’s currently seeking a rematch with Cuban Olympian Joahnys Argilagos, after losing a disputed decision to him in May of 2019.

Benavidez Stays Busy During Virus Lockdown

David Benavidez was scheduled to make the first defense of his World Boxing Council super middleweight title against Roamer Alexis Angulo on April 18 in his hometown of Phoenix.

“It is very disappointing because I am not going to be able to fight in my hometown, which I have been trying to do for the last five years. Although I am confident that the fight will be rescheduled in Phoenix. At the moment and because of the situation, the best option is to follow the recommendations of the authorities and stay home, “ said the champion.

Benavidez has been living in Seattle, the epicenter of where the coronavirus outbreak first became a problem in the United States. But he said he has been taking all the necessary precautions to make sure he doesn’t get the virus.

“We are really concerned, but we are taking precautions. We are not leaving the house at this time,” said Benavidez, who lives with his father and coach José Benavidez Sr. and his older brother José Benavidez Jr., “It is complicated but we cannot take this as a game. This is something we take very seriously.

“I will be moving around in the gym, I will probably run on the machine, I will do a little bag work, a bit with the gloves. I feel like that is a normal part of my life anyway. I will keep active  every day. I feel very comfortable training.”

Benavidez is lucky to be able to continue training without worrying about being infected by another boxer because he has his own gym in Seattle.


Hubert Minn
Christian Curiel
Edward Collantes
Frank Garza

WBC President: Mauricio Sulaiman
Mediator: Victor Silva

The WBC Talks round 3 offered today a magnificent conversation involving top WBC Ring Officials providing us with a lot of important information in order to understand our sport and fighter’s protection.

The panelists addressed, discussed and reviewed the main facts of being the third man in the ring. WBC president , Mauricio Sulaiman explained the code of ethics which are the guidelines in behavior of how the boxing family must conduct themselves.

The Ring Officials Committee is one of the top priorities led by Mr. Hubert Minn with the support of outstanding ring officials.

Mr. Frank Garza explained these are extraordinary times, but the referee’s obligation is to maintain preparation  in order to constantly improve. He also recalled one piece of advice his referee mentor gave him and that was to: “Expect the unexpected.” In that way and via those means, you will be ready to act when it is necessary. Frank also talked about the background’s importance, which will provide the referees with information which may help with subsequent actions.

Nieves Colón joined the conversation and requested the panel to address the Prichad Colon rule, endorsed by the WBC.

Mauricio Sulaiman briefly explained the WBC has zero tolerance to rabbit punches, with referees warning fighters that they can be disqualified if they hit with rabbit punches.

Mauricio Sulaiman urged the importance of the correct evaluation of cases, as the Referees must be very intelligent concerning  the knock downs.

Ed Collantes supported this idea and commented the different knock downs that may exist.

Mauricio Sulaiman stressed  that the idea of using videos is not to criticize but to keep learning.

Hubert Minn remembered the Ring Officials seminar at the WBC convention in Las Vegas, where there were more than 300 officials watching major mistakes of important referees, but everyone understood the ring officials committee never attempt to criticize but to develop and spread knowledge, in order to constantly improve, so as to be the very best version they can.

Frank Garza talked about the importance of the dressing room instructions as an instrumental part of having  a good performance.  He stated that for him it was the most important moment towards conducting a fight. He then asked his colleagues about their opinion concerning this matter.

Ed agreed as he claimed this  the moment when you can determine what’s going to happen. It is a perfect moment to know what are you going to expect from fighters, but also the moment to let the fighters fighters know what they are going to expect from you, a fact that will very helpful in order to maintain a respectful control of the in ring actions.

Christian also agreed and claimed that if you aim to control the action in the ring, the  most important step starts in the dressing room. You need to be clear you respect them as a fighter, but you will be fair in order to insure that  justice prevails.

The ring officials also talked about the importance of using new technology, claiming that “instant replay” is able to be used in some jurisdictions but confirming boxing needs to work harder to make
justice prevail.

Mauricio Sulaiman stressed that there is a lot of resistance towards implementing new forms; however the WBC will continue working hard in order to protect fighters and justice. We will be waiting for you tomorrow at the WBC Talk Round 4 with notable trainers as panelists.


From  Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, staying home to prevent the spread and spread of Covid-19,  super featherweight champion of the World Boxing Council, Miguel “Alacran” Berchelt, attended a conference through “Facebook Live.”

Berchelt (37-1-0, 33 knockouts) represented by Mario Abraham CEO of Max Boxing and promoted by Promociones Zanfer,  said that he continues to stay in shape by exercising at home, and that he goes out for a run in the morning “with due precautions, keeping a healthy distance, running alone and attending to the strictest hygiene measures.”

The “Alacrán” states that fellow Mexican, also undefeated and former world champion, Óscar Valdez, should be his next opponent, because in addition to being the official challenger, “It`s  a fight that both parties want, we are both represented by Top Rank, and  people want to see it. This will be a war between Mexicans.”

28-year-old Miguel assured that the signing of contracts is close, but that for the moment the important thing is to know when public activities can be rescheduled.

The WBC super featherweight world champion, with six successful defenses since winning his title in January 2017, commented that his idea is to equal or exceed the nine defenses of this same championship that Julio César Chávez accomplished  between 1984 and 1987.

Salvador Sanchez vs Danny “Little Red” Lopez (first bout)

Date: February 2, 2022
Site: Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
City/State: Phoenix,Arizona

Winner: Sanchez by TKO(rd)13

Sanchez wins WBC Featherweight World Title.

This was an action-packed fight, as were many of Danny “Little Red” Lopez’ fights. The headline for this fight was: “Little Red vs. Little Known.” Before the fight, many ringside observers said “Salvador ‘who’?”

They would for sure know “who” Salvador was afterwards. Many experts said that Lopez would KO Sanchez by the 4th round, saying that Sanchez’s big jaw would be an easy target to find for Lopez.

Sanchez put on a devastating show of power, and gave Lopez one of the most terrible beatings he’s ever had. Lopez was staggered many times throughout the fight, especially in the 1st round. Angelo Dundee repeatedly acknowledged Salvador’s punching power. By the time that the middle rounds came around, Sanchez was willing to stand toe-to-toe with Lopez, and he got the better of the exchanges without much problem.

In the later rounds, Salvador showed that he had a ton of energy left as he repeatedly went in for the finish. Lopez showed great tenacity in trying to hang in there with Sanchez, but he still continually got staggered in the process. By the 13nth round, Lopez’s face was a mess. He was bleeding from somewhere in the face, and/or possibly several places …… it was hard to know for sure, and the left side of his face was completely bruised along with his left eye, almost sealed shut. Sanchez landed a hard right hand-left hook combo that staggered Lopez, Sanchez went after him, following him with short one-twos. The referee moved in to stop the fight while Sanchez was pounding Lopez into the ropes and landing vicious uppercuts and hard right hands. Sanchez jumped for joy, and Lopez showed great sportsmanship in congratulating the new champion.