Space City Graphics and Little Cancun

Local boxing coach Marco Renteria, owner/operator of Marcor Trucking is now passing on business lessons as well as boxing lessons to his children Gilbert, Brianna, Mark, Josh, and David (KB).

In a recent interview with Marco we spoke a little about him helping his kids get started in business as well as teaching them the value of working hard for themselves and each other. I mentioned to Marco how I have seen all of his children helping out at the newly opened businesses of Gilbert and Brianna Renteria, and Marco stated, “Yes Lou, they all have to understand that if they want to have things in life, they have to work for it, even the young ones”.

With that being said, 2018 has been a busy one for The Renteria Family with two new business ventures begun and everyone pitching in to make sure these ventures are successful ones.

Space City Graphics is owned and operated by elite boxer Gilbert Renteria, and is located at 5310 East Sam Houston Parkway, Suite G, Houston, Texas, 77015. The business is a graphics and marketing specialty shop specializing in graphic design screen sprinting, embroidery, and digital printing. Space City offers anything from t-shirts, banners, coozies, car wraps, channel letters, signs and much more. Gilbert and his Space City Graphics Team put as much dedication, excellence, and integrity in their work as Gilbert has been known to do in his boxing pursuits. The team takes pride in offering the best work and best prices in town and are off to an outstanding start in business, getting high praises from their customers, including the writer of this article.

Little Cancun is owned and operated by Brianna Renteria and is located at 17950 West Lake Houston Parkway, Humble, Texas, 77346. The restaurant serves specialty drinks, fruit cups, mangonadas, ceviche, ice cream, milkshakes, many different types of snacks, both Mexican and American styled, raspas, and much more.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a trial
grand opening at Little Cancun and was able to taste several different snacks and drinks. Every snack and drink I tried was delicious and once again I was very impressed with this family. Everyone from parents Marco and Enedina, to Gilbert, Mark, Josh, and David(KB) helped Brianna around the shop and it was evident that Little Cancun will be a very successful family business as are Marcor and Space City Graphics.

The same principles that have made Marco and his family successful in boxing are now serving them well in business, and those principles are: hard work, integrity, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

For the best work and best prices in town for any of your marketing or printing needs, contact Gilbert at Space City Graphics.

For delicious food and drink and a taste of Cancun without having to travel to Cancun, visit Brianna at Little Cancun.

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