Houston Golden Gloves Champs Take Three Division Championships At Texas State Golden Gloves

images by: Rick Irving

Giovanni Marquez (152), J’Khory Gibson (201), and Jarvis Jones (201+) won their respective divisions at The Texas State Golden Gloves this weekend, and will represent Texas at The 2021 USA Boxing National Golden Gloves.

Giovanni Marquez, J’Khory Gibson, and Jarvis Jones, 2021 Texas State Golden Gloves Champions

Santana Draper was named the 2021 Texas State Golden Gloves, Flem Hall Sportsmanship Trophy Winner, and The Houston Golden Gloves/ Gulf LBC Team won the 2021 Texas State Golden Gloves Team Trophy.

Santana Draper, 2021 Texas State Golden Gloves, Flem Hall Sportsmanship Trophy winner.

The Houston Golden Gloves/ Gulf LBC organization sent a strong team of champions to the state golden gloves tournament with six boxers advancing to the championship rounds. Marquez, Gibson, and Jones were able to clinch championship wins, while John Atiles, Fabian Arredondo, and Santana Draper came out on the short end of decision loses.

John Atiles sends his opponent to the mat in the 108 pound division finals.

There were reports from the event on Saturday night that our Houston GG/Gulf LBC champions weren’t getting any love from the ringside judges, with at least two out of the three losing decisions being “suspect” and one decision in particular being described by a ringside observer as a “joke decision”.

Fabian Arredondo delivered a winning performance but did not get his hand raised in the 114 pound division finals.

With that being said, congratulations to Texas State Champions Marquez, Gibson, and Jones as well as to the entire Houston GG/Gulf LBC Team for their tremendous performances at this year’s Texas State Golden Gloves.

2021 Houston Golden Gloves/ Gulf LBC Team
2021 Texas State Golden Gloves Team Trophy

2021 Houston Golden Gloves Champions

Open Division

The Houston Regional Golden Gloves Champions, in the men’s/open division earned their way to The Texas State Golden Gloves Championships, with a chance on making it to the nationals if they take it all at their respective weight divisions at state.

Our Gulf LBC/ Houston Golden Gloves representatives are as follows:

108 pounds: John Atiles (Atiles named team captain)
114 pounds : Fabian Arredondo
125 pounds: Ram Gandara
138 pounds: Santana Draper
152 pounds: Giovanni Marquez
165 pounds: Jesse Davila
178 pounds: Stanley Johnson
201 pounds: J’Khory Gibson
201+ : Jarvis Johnson

Congratulations to all of these young men and best of luck at The Texas State Golden Gloves Championships 2021!

Boxing Loses Another Great Coach

Houston’s 2000 Sydney Olympics silver medalist and perennial world championship contender Ricardo “Rocky” Juarez went to social media this weekend to let everyone know that coach Ray Ontiveros passed away.

Ontiveros got his start in boxing as a youth at The Panther Boys Club in Fort Worth, Texas, participating in somewhere between forty and fifty bouts as an amateur. He never went professional due to personal responsibilities, but the seed was planted and he would spend the majority of the rest of his life in amateur and professional boxing as a gym owner, coach, manager, and corner man.

A Northside staple since the late 70’s, Ontiveros started coaching out of his garage with one punching bag, a speed bag, sit-up bench, mirror, and a homemade ring that was soo small that it gave you no choice but to learn to fight. There was also a sign that he made himself and hung in his garage/gym that personified his personality that read something like, “The gloves, headgear, etc are not orphans and are not looking for a new home, don’t take them outside of this gym.”

From there he moved into the warehouse on Freeman Street that is now the home of Rocky’s Boxing Gym, but by that time his boxing team had already earned a reputation around the nation as tough, gritty, and skilled boxers, always in condition and ready to rumble.

Ontiveros taught, coached, and cornered many outstanding boxers throughout the years, but his most successful boxer was probably the above mentioned Rocky Juarez, who won the silver medal in boxing at The 2000 Sydney Olympics, and was a top ten contender for virtually his whole professional career that spanned from 2001 through 2015. Rocky would likely have been a world champion had he not fought in the eras of Juan Manuel Marquez and Marco Antonio Barrrera, whom he dropped decisions to in world title bids.

Ontiveros, a mainstay in the Houston boxing scene for many years will surely be missed and remembered and as some of the area fighters and coaches mentioned this weekend, he’s probably somewhere in the after-life arguing about boxing with coaches Willie Savannah, Kenny Weldon, Hector Rocha and Walt Hailey.