Garcia Wins NABF Super Featherweight Title By 10 Round Decision


photos courtesy of IRULL Photos/ Forcetrain Promotions

Although Eridson Garcia wasn’t as effective as the UFC Fight Pass commentators made it sound like, he still cruised to a ten round unanimous decision over local 125 pound scrapper Armando Frausto to win the NABF Super Featherweight Title.

Garcia used a combination of fast footwork and quick combinations to consistently beat Frausto to the punch, while quickly clinching and leaning on Frausto whenever Frausto did manage to get inside on Garcia.

After referee James Green took a point away from Garcia for constant clinching and holding late in the bout, Frausto was able to mount somewhat of a rally, but it was too little too late.

With over 300 amateur fights to his credit, Garcia was able to easily out-maneuver Frausto for most of the ten round bout, but his constant clowning was a bit much, considering that he was fighting a guy that usually fights anywhere between 121 and 125 pounds, and he wasn’t able to hurt him or stop him.

With that said, all credit goes to Garcia for being able to make the best of his advantages in experience and size, and earning the NABF title, which is known as a gateway to world title contendership.

Houston Golden Gloves Champions Take Two National Golden Gloves Titles

Texas Golden Gloves Team Brings Home Seven National Golden Gloves Titles In Total

August 15, 2021

USA Boxing 2021 National Golden Gloves Champions, Giovanni Marquez (152 lbs) and J’Khory Gibson (201 lbs), represented The Houston Golden Gloves/Gulf LBC in fine fashion this week, winning their respective weight divisions after a week of elite boxing competition.

The Texas Golden Gloves Team brings home seven National Golden Gloves Champions in total, winning five men’s and two women’s divisions, proving once again that Texas is home to some of the best talent and teachers of the sweet science in the nation.

2021 USA Boxing, National Golden Gloves Champions representing Texas are as follows:

Alexis Araiza-Mones (119 lbs)
Lizbeth Retiz (125 lbs)
Andres Perez (108 lbs)
Figo Ramirez (114 lbs)
German Lopez (125 lbs)
Giovanni Marquez (152 lbs)
J’Khory Gibson (201 lbs)