Real Fighters Are Born Ready

featured photo: Juan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada

When a young boxer has talent, ability, and potential but lacks ambition, he or she has little chance to rise in the pro ranks and become a champion, or even a solid contender. And by ambition I’m meaning the willingness to do whatever is necessary to give themselves a chance to be successful, and the moxie to put themselves in a position to prove they can compete against, and beat the best in the city, state, nation, and world.

It’s true that being signed by one of the big promotional companies and having good management etc is ideal, but since when did boxers come from places of ideal circumstances?

I can’t speak for other cities but I know for a fact that if a boxer wants it bad enough, there are many opportunities to learn, practice, and grow in Houston. And although most of the big-time promoters are based out of the West and East coast, and therefore their boxers are favored over ours, that doesn’t mean opportunities aren’t available. You think you can beat those fighters being fed ground meat on DAZN, ESPN PLUS and Fox? Well there’s something you can do about that, prove it!

Keep working on your game, seek out the best competition in sparring and in your local bouts instead of just looking for people you can look good against and building up your record on guys with little to no chance of beating you. No real fight people are impressed by a great record with no one of any significance that can be mentioned on that record. Yes you gotta build your skills and record by being matched easy at first, but your level of competition should increase consistently, otherwise your only cheating yourself, and setting yourself up for failure when and if you ever do fight a real killer.

Stay in the gym whether you have a bout coming up or not, and stay in shape so that when one of the big promoters come looking for an “opponent” for their boys, you’ll be ready to take those fights and knock their fighters off their pedestal.

And most of all have the nerve to go in with all the odds against you, and show up and show out like a real fighter.

I have more respect for a guy or girl that tries and fails, than one that takes the easy road and hates on the one that at least had the balls to go out there and try.